Don't you can't stand it while you're driving along in your truck, vehicle, or window defectors SUV, needing and expecting to open your windows for some natural air since it's hot and stodgy inside your car. However, it's either coming down or snowing outside, and an open window implies you'll get wet? Or then again, perhaps you need a cigarette - indeed, we as a whole realize smoking is awful for you, yet a few of us get it done. And we don't believe that the smell of smoke should stay in the vehicle, yet assuming we open the window during a terrible climate, we will undoubtedly get wet. Window visors/window turncoat deals with your concern!

Window visors - likewise regularly known as a downpour watch, downpour visor, window visor, or window diverter - safeguard you and the inside of your vehicle, truck, or SUV from wet climate by redirecting precipitation, snow, slush, wind, and hail away from the windows of your car, subsequently permitting you to keep your windows open even in harsh weather conditions. Window visors likewise assist you with saving money on fuel costs and further develops gas mileage since you don't need to run your forced-air system to keep yourself agreeable each time it downpours in summer. Window visors further extend gas mileage in light of how window diverters can efficiently avoid wind (like a plane wing) to limit the breeze obstruction known as "drag" that blocks your vehicle's forward movement.

Window visors INSTALLATION

All TruckChamp window visors are not difficult to introduce. Our Snap Inzl window visors essentially embed into your window channel, with no taping required and no gamble to any painted surfaces. Our Tape-Onz window visors utilize car-grade glue. Finally, the Putco Chrome window visors are chrome window visors with a no-drill application that uses auto-grade 3M tape and requires just minutes.

Window visors (unrelated to rain repellent) can be an incredible expansion to your vehicle pack. They will exclusively fit into your vehicle and hold downpour back from entering the car. It likewise has flotsam and jetsam and winds back from entering the vehicle. Finally, it lets you break the window somewhat when you are driving, keeping the car dry.


A window visor is a minimal expense, alluring vehicle, truck, or SUV extra that is simple to introduce and adds to the appearance and usefulness of your car and gives countless benefits. In particular that you can serenely drive with your vehicle windows open in a wide range of climates, partaking in the advantages of natural air driving - cooling breezes, don't bother utilizing a/c, no window misting, better gas mileage keeps you conscious and alert, and so on and so on. - with next to no of the typical downsides of driving with your windows open like a breeze, downpour, hail, slush, snow, and outside sound coming in your windows and upsetting your ride and the delights of driving.

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