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Window visor is a low-cost and easy to install accessory.

It can protects you and the interior of your car from wet weather, by deflecting rain, snow, sleet, wind and hail away from the windows of your vehicle, thus allowing you to keep your windows open even in inclement weather, also Reducing of temperature inside the car in summer.

Optimized air circulation inside the car keeps you awake and alert.

you can comfortably drive with your vehicle windows open in all kinds of weather, . Optimized air circulation inside the car enjoying fresh air driving , cooling breezes, no window fogging, no need to use a/c, better gas mileage and environmental protection.


  1. The window visors also act as sun blockers from the side of the vehicle which can be comfort to the driver and nice transparency won't affect diving sight.
  2. all accessories has tested with car model, all fit for car model very well.
  3. Our products have nice quality in heat and cold resistance, impact proof and not easy to cause deformation



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